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Third-party certification is based on the working hypothesis that informed consumers want “guilt free” ethical products and services that do not damage or contribute to the damage of our planet or its resources.


Based on these principles, we are currently developing a new Environmental Certification program focused on daily use consumer products and services with accent on principles like truth-in-packaging, quantity and quality, fair rade, honest advertising, use of recycled materials, responsible energy use, good manufacturing standards, etcetera.


We believe ethical consumers will welcome our certification program, as it

will help them consistently choose certified goods over products and services of unknown origin and provide a constructive alternative to boycott, litigation and other confrontational strategies. This in turn, will help certified producers and service providers with greater market share, higher prices, enthusiastic word-of-mouth advertising and other tangible benefits in the competitive marketplace.


Our program is due for release soon. Companies interested in getting their products and services certified

by us can contact us at greenseal at greencoalition.net . We are also keen to hear from organizations and

acedemic institutions involved in green certification for co-branding as well as any contribution towards our new program.


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